Monday, March 19, 2007

Some Quotes on Healing

Contemplative Activist tagged me to come up with five favourite quotations. Having heard a great one about healing yesterday, I decided to share five quotes on healing.
It has been said that time heals all wounds.
The truth is that time does not heal anything.
It merely passes.
it is what we do during the passing of time that helps or hinders the healing process.
-Jay Marshall

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
-Hubert H. Humphrey
Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.
-Tori Amos
A human being is part of a whole, called by us the 'Universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings and something separated from the rest -- a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.
-Albert Einstein

We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers. Our power is in our ability to make things unworkable.
-Bayard Rustin
Now I tag five people with the charge to share on your blog five favorite quotes on any topic.
Elliot, Pam, Jerry, Eugene and Diana!


At 1:50 PM , Blogger Jerry Maneker said...

No mean achievement, but I did it! Thanks Peterson.

At 2:22 PM , Blogger Annis said...

I know I was tagged the last time, but I really love this game so TAG I'm it. I just tagged myself and will post my five favourite qoutes soon enough :)

At 5:46 PM , Blogger Jay said...

Almost any mention of Tori Amos has the potential to make my day. Thanks, Peterson. ;)

At 7:54 PM , Blogger Jonathan said...

I know you didn't tag me, but you inspired I've posted my own 5. Thanks!!


At 8:24 PM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

anna hp and jonathan, so glad you got inspired. I'm going right now to read your quotes.

jay, I once saw Tori in concert in CT. It was the perfect concert. Rufus Wainwright opened for her! I got him to sign a T-Shirt for me and then I proposed. He said, Yes!

jerry, not only did you do it, but you did it in like 4 minutes!

At 10:46 PM , Blogger brittanicals said...

Peterson, I love the first quote. I really do. I get so tired of hearing people say "but that was years ago, get over it." What if its been sitting there on your shoulder weighing you down your whole life? What if no one ever showed you how to get it off of you, or at even, god forbid, helped steady your gait when it made you stumble.

Thank you for sharing.

At 9:22 AM , Blogger Elliot Coale said...

Will do, Peterson. I have lots of time to think about it right now, as well -- four blocks of free periods, baby!

At 7:31 AM , Blogger Diana_CT said...

Hi Peterson

Nice seeing you at True Colors. I posted my quotes on my blog.

Now back to TC...


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